Auburn Athletics

In the spring of 2017, I was fortunate enough to intern with the Auburn Athletics Department, primarily working with the basketball and football teams. This was an amazing and enlightening experience that offered both office work and field experience. I was able to observe both the urgency of a busy workday balanced with slower periods of time as well. This taught me that not every day is going to be filled with exciting tasks, but all the work adds up and ultimately is worth it in the end.

During my time in the athletic department, I attended numerous press conferences, which I would then transcribe and condense to be used for later articles giving a brief overview of the press conference to the public. I also assisted in setting up and directing athlete pictures and interviewed several athletes before, during and after the pictures. This was crucial in that I learned professional interviewing techniques in addition to composing my own interview questions, allowing me to gather information without being disrespectful of the players.

Auburn Article

Towards the end of the semester my supervisor asked to interview several rising senior football players. I was entrusted with writing the interview questions, contacting the players, recording the interviews and then transcribing the recording. From these recordings, I and several other interns wrote biographical articles based on the players we interviewed, incorporating quotes and information from the interview.


Once the articles were written, we submitted them to our supervisor for review and editing. The article I wrote was selected for publication on the Auburn Athletics website, one of two that were chosen. This was an extremely rewarding and challenging experience for me. It taught me all the necessary steps and procedures to conduct an interview and then write an article appropriate for print based on my findings.

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