Case Study


In the fall of 2017, a group of students and I were assigned a semester-long case study project analyzing a company crisis or specific public relations campaign. In doing this, we had to decide whether or not the company successfully either recovered from the crisis through their PR efforts or conducted a successful PR campaign to reach its public.

My group and I chose to analyze the discovery of Listeria in Blue Bell and the effects this had on the national ice cream brand. Throughout the semester, we researched the various crisis communication methods the company used, how often and how well they used them, how informed they kept their publics and how well they compensated their customers during and after the crisis. At the end of the semester, we presented a PowerPoint presentation to the class and wrote an extensive paper analyzing all aspects and stages of the crisis.


What I Learned...

This project showed me the difference between good and bad crisis communication between an organization and its publics and just how crucial public relations is in these situations. Public Relations is often defined as "communication between an organization and its publics," and this project really showed me how true this is during a company crisis. Through in-depth research and reading, I learned that communication and being truthful is crucial in any crisis situation, especially if you want to maintain the trust and respect of your customers.

To view the full PowerPoint or paper regarding this project, click the links below.

Power Point


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