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I am fortunate enough to have had many different but also beneficial experiences throughout my time at Auburn in addition to several opportunities outside of the university. This includes everything from coordinating social media for Ignite Auburn, to working in a restaurant, to writing for the Auburn Athletics Website. These experiences have prepared me for a life beyond college as well as taught me valuable skills for the future.

On this page you will find several areas I have highlighted, those that I believe have challenged and taught me the most. If you have any other questions or would like to see a more extensive list of my experience, visit my resume page!

The Hound of Auburn, AL

Throughout my entire junior year through the beginning of my senior year, I worked at a well known and established restaurant in Auburn named The Hound. Known for its amazing food and excellent service, The Hound is one of the top-rated restaurants in Alabama and a local favorite. I was fortunate enough to work there for over a year. My time there taught me the meaning of good customer service and hard work. In addition, I learned how to work well in a team environment and how to deliver excellent service under pressure. My time spent at The Hound was one of the most eye-opening and beneficial experiences of my career thus far.

Auburn Athletics Department

During the spring of my junior year, I had the privilege of working in the Auburn Athletics Department under Shelly Poe as an assistant marketing intern. During this time I was able to attend and transcribe basketball and football press conferences, interview players and write articles for the Auburn Athletics website. This differed from my restaurant experience in that there was an incorporation of desk work and research rather than a constant on-the-go atmosphere. I learned valuable skills such as transcribing, interviewing and writing for digital audiences. Working for Auburn Athletics was a unique opportunity that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ignite Auburn

In the fall of 2016, I was a part of a program called Ignite Auburn. This is a night of worship and preaching put on and hosted by a select group of Auburn students. Each fall, it is the job of the students to find a venue, speaker and musicians. I was elected Social Media Director for this particular event. This involved managing all social media platforms for Ignite, posting regularly, taking pictures and keeping the public informed of the time, location, etc. in addition to creating flyers to distribute on campus. This was a unique experience as I could accomplish many aspects using a computer, something I had previously not experienced before. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the impact and response to the Twitter feed, Facebook event and flyers in the months leading up to the event.