The Stressed GIF

This GIF, along with my Infographic, is inspired by my research project, conducted in the fall of 2017, on student stress.. As detailed on my Research Project page, this was an extensive, semester-long project that involved three stages, culminating in the final results. Each stage incorporated a different type of research- secondary, primary and survey research- to form the most valid and reliable conclusion. The project itself was based on finding correlations between student stress and other health issues students' experience on Auburn's campus. For more details and full outline along with results from the research project, visit my research project page

To create this GIF, I used Photoshop, a tool that I became familiar with through creating this and several other elements of my Digital Resume and Portfolio. Before attempting to make the GIF, it seemed like a daunting and confusing task. However, this experience taught me how to make an entertaining and informative GIF in a relatively simple manner. To begin, I looked for a video online that I thought would best demonstrate what I wanted to illustrate. I decided to use the GIF as a way to show how, based on our research findings, exercise is an excellent and frequently used method to alleviate stress for students. In order to choose an appropriate video, I looked for one with lots of movement that would be easier to edit. I chose a video of the Cheetah girls dancing. Dance can be used as a form of enjoyable exercise and thus demonstrated my desired connection to the research project. This video, I believe, accurately demonstrates the issue and its results but in a fun and relatable manner.

To make the GIF itself, I used Adobe Photoshop, as stated before. Once I chose my video, I trimmed it and cut down the frames in Photoshop to the length I wanted it to be. After this, I sped up the video to make it more engaging and eye-catching. It gave the GIF more of a draw and demonstrated the energy I wanted to convey. This project taught me how to use various modes of design I had not previously encountered and what purposes they could serve in professional world project situations.