My Inspiration

Inside the Meaning

The inspiration for my logo was a clean and sophisticated look. I knew I wanted my digital resume to reflect the same sentiment. Thus, I wanted a brand identity that immediately establishes this attitude. The color scheme, look, overall atmosphere and warm appearance of my website were based on the logo.

For the logo itself, I wanted an identity that was easy to recognize and professional, but also unique and meaningful. The logo begins with my initials which sits above my full name. The initials add the identifiable and iconic element. They provide a firm base that could be used on any item of my brand. The use of my full name beneath the initials offers an explanation to those who have not seen the logo before and establishes my full name as if to match a name with a brand. I also wanted to incorporate my full name somewhere, as I was named after my grandmother, who is also a major source of inspiration for me in every aspect of my life.

The Tools

In order to create the logo, I used several different programs. The two I used primarily included Canva and Photoshop. Each of these programs offered multiple creative elements with which I developed my themes. Initially, I looked at other easily-recognizable and well-known brand names, picking out elements from each that were eye-catching and appealing. For the most part, each had a clean and simple look that the company or brand had made interesting. I then began with Canva, selecting my ideal colors and font. I chose gray as a good neutral color that added the sophisticated element I wanted. Once I had chosen these elements out, I used Photoshop to perfectly size the logo for the website as well as change the color slightly to create the perfect look I wanted.

From the clean and sophisticated look of the logo, I then continued to develop the theme for my entire website. The grays, blacks, white provide the overall professional look while the subtle highlights of light blue and soft green make the website warmer. I want my audience to feel welcomed, intrigued and comfortable while at the same time see a professional digital resume as well as the hard work behind my creations. When people see my logo on its own, I want it to be a noticeable and respected brand identity. Through these programs, I was able to achieve a product that I believe conveys all of these messages.

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