• clarafrances


Throughout my time in both college and high school, I have had many enlightening and educational experiences that have taught me many useful skills, concepts, worldviews and ideas. I have loved being a part of many different organizations, clubs, work environments and interactions that have prepared me far beyond what I could have imagined. As a public relations major, I pride myself on being hard-working, innovative and creative. I believe my experiences have served to enhance these qualities. In addition, they have given me the opportunity to meet many interesting people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures.

My resume reflects diversity in my ability to work in a variety of different settings and environments with multiple and varied types of people. From working in a restaurant to the athletics department to being a social media coordinator to being a Bible study leader, this resume highlights my diversity and showcases my capabilities. I have learned the importance of cooperation and flexibility when working different types of people whether this is in the sports world, the restaurant industry, the customer service genre or even the fashion industry. Each area has taught me a different skill set and given me unique opportunities to hone these skills for future employers and jobs.

I have been fortunate enough to have experiences working in sports, the fashion industry, the political world, the restaurant industry and student-based organizations. After holding several leadership positions in each, I know I have developed skills and qualities to be a quality group leader. To view or download my full resume and to read a list of my involvement and accomplishments, click the link below labeled "Resume Doc." You are able to view my resume PDF by clicking "Resume PDF." This highlights what I believe to be some of my strongest skill sets in addition to showing several key involvement opportunities in which I feel I have gained the most benefit. To see more in-depth descriptions of several key experiences on my resume, continue on to the next several pages.

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