On this page, I chose to highlight some skills I have acquired through my schooling and experiences over the years. Hopefully this provides a more in-depth look at my capabilities. contact me.

1. Writing

Throughout my time both in high school and college, I have been fortunate enough to have had amazing English professors who taught me not only how to write but the importance of such a skill. I have always loved to write and can confidently say it is one of my strengths. In the spring of 2017, I wrote for the Auburn Athletics Department and was fortunate enough to be published on the website as well. For more information on this and for a link to the article, visit my "Auburn Article" page.

2. Public Speaking

In the spring of 2015, I took a Public Speaking course at Auburn University. This not only taught me to write different types of speeches but how to be strong and confident in my delivery. I have had several opportunities to hone this skill. In high school, I placed top three in the school for "Poetry Out Loud" my freshman through junior year. I gave a senior speech in 2017 to an entire sorority chapter room, which included several potential new members. During my time as Social Media Chair for Ignite Auburn, I made visits to several fraternities and organizations on campus to speak to them about the upcoming event. Finally, I have spoken at various meetings and in front of large groups advertising our sorority philanthropy

3. Customer Service and People Skills

I have had many opportunities in which to hone this skill, especially in instances where it would have been hard for others to be courteous. Working in a restaurant for over a year taught me that working with the public and making sure they feel comfortable is so important. Great customer service and a positive attitude are always essential. While working with Auburn Athletics, I interacted with all types of people from players, to coaches, to office workers. This taught me how to work with all types of people in completely different settings and thus broadened my experience even more.

4. Time Management

For a professional, time management is crucial. Through all my experiences I have learned this essential skill by being in different clubs, playing sports, and working while attending school full-time. In the spring of 2017, I worked in a restaurant, interned for the athletics department and was a full-time student. In addition to this, I have been a part of a sorority throughout my four years in college and held several leadership positions within the sorority. Through this, I have learned to be efficient, detail-oriented, driven and time-conscience, all of which are crucial skills.